PC Coding

This website is dedicated to spreading the word for the best alternatives available online to learn about computer programming. Moreover, here you can find links to the best websites available at this time, where you can learn software development end-to-end in order to make computer programming easier and understandable to newbies.

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Start Learning Now!

There are countless resources available to learn computer science. We should learn at least the following: one programming language such as C#, databases such as SQL, HTML/CSS, XML, and Windows Server or Linux Server, everything else will eventually appear in our journey, therefore we will learn about it, so don't rush.

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Expand your Knowlege

Despite of having several good places to learn computer science, one of my favorites is Coursera, there we have several courses from windows applications to iOS/Android applications and much more (including other career fields), give it a try, the best part is that it is FREE!

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About Servers

Most of the applications needed involve the use of servers, and the best option we have right now is Windows Azure at BizSpark. It is provided free for the first 3 years, then you will pay as you go. This is an incredible opportunity to try out all kind of servers and services, Take advance of this unique opportunity!

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About Online Learning

Advantages and Disadvantages of eLearning

There are many advantages to online and computer-based courses when comparing to traditional face-to-face courses, however there are few disadvantages too.

Some of the advantages are: Self-paced learning, self-knowledge and self-confidence, reduces travel time, develops knowledge of the Internet and computer skills, cost can be cheaper (I would say less expensive)

Some of the disadvantages are: Students can develop bad study habits (procrastination), slow Internet connection in some areas, hands on lab are usually deficient, some task can be complex and difficult to simulate.